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  • Pro tip: Point the fan so that it blows outside and DO NOT put it directly on the window or right next to it. Instead, move it ~50cm away from the window to take advantage of Bernoulli’s principle (push the air out more efficiently by pulling the air surrounding the fan).

    You can cool down the room even if the door is closed. You are lowering the pressure inside your room so the outside air is forced to rush in. If you place the fan like I explained, and point it at the lower part of your window and you put your hand next to the upper part of the window, you will feel the cold air coming in.

  • I think the only way to show the icon on the status bar with tasker is using the notification (notify task) and giving it an icon.

         Profile: Detect Auto-rotation setting change
        	Event: Custom Setting [ Type:System Name:accelerometer_rotation Value:* ]
        Enter Task: Un-notify if autorotate off
        A1: Custom Setting [
             Type: System
             Name: accelerometer_rotation
             Read Setting To: %arstat ]
        A2: Notify Cancel [
             Title: ar ]
            If  [ %arstat ~ 0 ]
        A3: Notify [
             Title: ar
             Icon: mw_device_screen_rotation
             Number: 0
             Priority: 3
             LED Colour: Red
             LED Rate: 0 ]
            If  [ %arstat ~ 1 ]

    You can set the notification to silent.