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  • Because it’s not like a wave, such as waves in the sea.

    Actually, it is. It’s the same meaning we’ve had for waves in physics since the first time someone figured how to plot a 2d graph. Only the medium is a quantum field instead of water, its amplitude is probabilistic instead of height, and instead of time we have some other property of distributions, usually space-time.

  • It’s a scientific fact that physical matter does not exist in its physical form when unobserved.

    No, it’s not. The quantum field and the quantum wave exist whether or not you observe it, only the particle behavior changes based on interaction. Note how I specifically used the word “interaction”, not “observation”, because that’s what a quantum physicist means when they say the wave-particle duality depends on the observer. They mean that a wave function collapses once it interacts definitely, not only when a person looks at it.

    It certainly invalidates physical reality as the “source of truth”, so to say

    How so, when the interpretation you’re citing is specifically dependant on the mechanics of quantum field fluctuation? How can physical reality not exist when it is physical reality that gives you the means to (badly) justify your hypothesis?

  • First, your formatting is completely broken.


    The places where real power concentrates, where the old royalty gathers. Not the best in terms of scientific endeavours, but that’s not what those places are about anyway. It’s all about making connections.

    I.E. completely irrelevant. Got it.

    Double minimum wage in the USA is barely enough to cover rent in the cities

    The fix seems pretty obvious, eh?

    would add $553 billion

    I.E., even ignoring the fact that not all students would require this monetary assistance, less than the budget for the 'murican war machine. Seems fine to me.

    you’re quickly paying 85% of the $30k you’re receiving in tuition fees alone

    ??? Why would they be paying the tuition fees with free public education available?