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    So, this comic is actually #5 in a 6-part series. One that’s gone increasingly ridiculous as it’s progressed.

    The villain here is Lasso Man. The lasso tool is a selection tool, a way to select something by drawing around it, letting you do whatever you want to the selection. In this comic, Lasso Man is using his power to take parts of other people and add them onto himself, gaining their powers.

    In panel 5, we see he took the powers of Copy and Paste, who were featured in a previous comic. We’re also introduced to Cut in that comic.

    in panel 2, the guy in Green is Undo/Redo/whatever.

    In panel 6, we get a few more characters. The guy in red is Slice, which is like an upgraded version of Crop. It’s used to slice up an image into pieces that you can do stuff with.

    The dude in orange with the purple helmet is presumably the Spraypaint function, which is a type of painting tool with a customizable “brush”. The one with the drop I guess is Liquify, which is a type of filter that let’s you distort images.

    Panel 11 is confusing without context. See that purple arm? It belonged to Paint Bucket Man. He can fill in selected areas with a specific color. In this case, turning that woman solid “stone”.

    In panel 14, the dude uses Generative Fill, which can be best described as asking an AI to fill in this section, hence the weird finger results.

    Finally, we’ve got the wizard up next. He uses the Magic Wand tool, which is another selection tool that basically uses “AI” to determine what you want to select. With this tool, you can adjust its tolerance to determine how little or how much it considers worth selecting. In this case, the wizard turns the tolerance all the way, telling it to as much as possible.

    Then he deletes it.

    Best part is, there’s still one last comic left.