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  • I was able to adapt the docker compose manifest into a nomad job(yay high availability), but I am really struggling with federation. I have a domain/proper ssl certificate, accessible remotely everything seems OK, but when I try to subscribe to other instances, I get an initial load of posts, then it’s just stuck in subscribe pending. Any time I try to subscribe I see this log message which isn’t exactly helpful about what to do about it…

    ‘ 2023-06-19T20:11:18.426743Z INFO Worker{worker.id=06aa9ebe-1cab-42fb-ac4b-54bbe7954ba2 worker.queue=default worker.operation.id=fe75d47d-f50d-43d6-921f-795aa50a1b68 worker.operation.name=process}:Job{execution_id=83235752-79dd-4e42-a6f5-d6e32c2e95a9 job.id=ed8bcdbd-4e78-464e-9ae0-871f3d79fd92 job.name=SendActivityTask}: activitypub_federation::core::activity_queue: Target server https://lemmy.ca/inbox rejected https://lemmy.my-domain-redacted.ca/activities/follow/c4b74591-767e-42a0-a160-5023e67c77aa, aborting’