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  • The changes include clearer instructions for the assembly line, training improvements and more tools. The company says it has also ordered each station be completed before a plane moves on the assembly line and directed Spirit to not ship defective fuselages to Boeing’s Renton plant.

    Oh… for fucks sake. You can’t tell the people at the bottom to work better-er when they’ve been trying to work better-er for a decade and their efforts get shit on .

    Interview every team lead and department head that has ever raised a quality/safety/non-conformance. Then interview/audit every executive those issues were reported TO. And if they can’t provide a very very very good reason (i.e. not “$money$”) for why those issues weren’t actioned then they get fired. Every fucking one. Then promote a bunch of engineers.

    Boeing used to be a great company when the engineers ran it. Now its shit because the MBAs in expensive suits run it.

  • I’m waiting to see what happens; they’ve announced the API screw-over of the 3rd party apps, but if the protests on the 12th+ blackout the site (you can’t bill advertisers if there ain’t no eyeballs) there might be some concession.

    Look, Reddit hasn’t been profitable - yet. The VCs who dumped in 1.3Bn bucks want it back, and I don’t begrudge anyone for trying to make their own ham sandwich; we all gotta eat. My opinion is that the popular 3rd party app developers and API users should have been consulted and involved in the decision-making. And face it: apart from what we’ve paid to our favourite app developers we’ve received an awesome internet community for zero cost for over a decade (some of us anyway)!

    How hard is it to go to the Apollo guy or the RiF folks and say: hey. we appreciate you making awesome apps. We need to start earning money. But you too need to make money. How can we work together, to maybe put a few more ads, or ad revenue generating “premium” features without screwing each other over, or our users?

    So Ill wait to see what happens in the coming week and ride Reddit-is-Fun out to the bitter end and the lights go out and then probably delete my Reddit account then. But I’ve made the first steps. Im here ain’t I?

    Oh, and put in a request now to get an archive of all your Reddit content. I suspect that department will be quite busy in the coming weeks. https://www.reddit.com/settings/data-request

    Im eager to see what form it comes in. If my posts and comments come with some context around them then Im fine with just deleting my account. I hope the links are permalinks so the backreferences to REddit stay intact (AND, you don’t need the API to access, you could essentially “scrape” the context of your posts). I’ve been trying to find a way to search my own comments and posts for years (there are tools, but I want an OFFLINE archive of my stuff - I frequently find myself replying to someone and going hey wait Ive already answered this, now where did I put that comment…