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  • I only really listen to them while driving 3+ hours.

    My mind needs some engagement or I’ll fall asleep.

    I listen to Dark Net Diaries because I’m interested in Cyber security, this American life because of the varied stories, wait wait don’t tell me because it’s light hearted, and car talk because of the nostalgia. I’m planning on grabbing a prairie home companion because my father listened to it, makes me think of him.

    That being said. Dark Net is becoming a little more dramatic than I’d like, but it’s still good content.

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    5 months ago

    I’m running 160tb of refurbished Exos right now.

    I throughout the years

    2 x 10tb

    2 x 14tb

    3 x 16tb

    12 x 18tb

    8 x 20tb

    I’ve only had 2 x 16tb fail within 500 hours. All other disks have 7k+ hours and are running fine.

    As long as you manage your backups properly, you won’t need to worry.

    Bought mine through server part deals. Their 2 year warranty is so painless. Shoot them the SN and smart data and you just swap disks.

    If they don’t have the disk they just refund you completely.

  • I have only a few services. I could probably downscale my server.

    • AdGuard DNS

    • Tailscale and Zerotier

    • Open Media Vault

    • Jellyfin

    • Uptime Kuma

    • Graphana / Prometheus

    • Torrent/seed box

    All on Proxmox and mirrored ZFS 2 x 20TB

    For backups I use FolderSync and the default backup for windows. Super lazy, but I don’t want to be the IT support of the family.

  • I use unifi for wifi because honestly I like the dashboard.

    But… for anything layer 3, I’m using MikroTik. It’s extremely powerful without actually running your own router, and many are Poe as well. I’m running a RB5009 which is overkill for me.

    I chose RB5009 because it runs DoH, ZeroTier, sub interfaces, it’s rack mountable, passively cooled, poe capable, and can handle up to 2.5gb symmetrical. I just wish they had 2 x SFPs so I can use a full 10gb WAN