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  • I will be forced to, but x11 is no longer being developed, so its not very secure to do so

    additionally, Wayland is going to be default on kde, and Im not sure if that means that it’ll be default for me too if I update

    not to mention that with it default on KDE, I’ll be running into more and more bugs that just, will not be fixed, because “use Wayland” will be the new response to bug reports (GNOME actively does this with a critical GTK4/libadwaita bug)

    the point is, Wayland is being rushed and was never ready for default

  • I’m not so much in favor of IP law as I am in favor of informed consent in every aspect of the word.

    when posting photos, art and text content years ago, I was not able to imagine it might be trained off by an AI. As such I was not able to make a decision based on informed consent if I agreed to that or not.

    Even though quotes such as “once you post it, its on the internet forever” were around, I was not aware the extend to which this reached and that had my art been vacuumed by a generative AI model (it hasnt luckily) people could create art that pretends to be created by me. Thus I could not consent

    I think this goes for a lot of artists actually, especially those who exist far more publicly than I do, who are in those databases and who are a keyword to be used in prompts. There is no possible way they could have given informed consent to that at the time they posted art/at the time they started that social media profile/youtube channel etc.

    To me, this is the real problem. I could care less about corporations.