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  • Realistically I think the only option for Palestinians to keep the West Bank and Gaza is for the us to enforce a 2 state solution (basically guarantee the safety of both nations from attack).

    Part of the issue with Gaza is Israel is scared if they stop policing the border/sea/air they will be armed by Iran and then attack, some third party has to ensure their defense in order for them to stop.

    It isn’t an ideal solution in any sense of the word but at least it could relieve the suffering of the Palestinians and give them the ability to self govern in the places they have left.

  • Lemmy with a 1 user server would be annoying imo, simply because a larger instance lets you see more instances, when you search communities you will see far more options from across the fediverse, a 1 user instance is optimal in the sense that you have full control over your data and more control of what you see (unless you get blocked obviously) but otherwise nah. For matrix, obviously you’re trusting the server owner isn’t doing anything weird if you are not self hosting but I wouldn’t say it’s bad by default.

    Lemmy is really easy to set up with ansible and yes you can use dynamic dns like noip that works fine, maybe I’d be worried using the free noip plan where you can very easily lose the domain though. Matrix is harder to set up but doable.