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  • You will get leagues better picture quality using a camlink/capture card and a camera with clean HDMI out. A gopro is a good budget option but a used DLSR or mirrorless camera is going to be the best. Some DSLR and mirrorless cameras support video out over usb so you don’t even need a capture card. Here’s a guide on getting it to work on Linux with a camera capability list inside the guide. If you do want to go the capture card route I hear elgato’s camlink works in Linux.

  • Anyone who develops or sells nuclear weapons and anyone holding stock in those companies (former advisor or not) benifits from the testing of nuclear weapons.

    Defense contracts include the costs of R&D which is why they are so lucrative for a business to take. By testing nuclear weapons those companies holding the contracts can bill us the taxpayers for their tests. To put in other words for every nuke they test is somewhere from 20 million to 100 million of taxpayer money going to a defense contractor pocket.

  • I am comparing payload weights because it’s directly comparable between all vehicles. I am not sure if you understand payload weight fully. This is the rating for everything you put in the vehicle (airship or not) and includes everything from people to the trailers tounge if you are towing. Just because your truck can tow 20Klb does not mean you can exceed the payload capacity. A lot of first time RV buyers learn this the hard way when they buy a 10Klb trailer to tow with their 2018 F150 only to find out there isn’t even enough payload capacity left over for the driver because the tounge weight is 1000lb. Air ships (and aircraft for that matter) use the same payload capacity calculations where again anything put inside the vehicle counts towards the payload including people. This is why we can directly compare the two vehicles payload capacity.

  • For those with ADHD having issues pharmacies: I recommend understanding what the rules are for schedule ii medications and print them out to show the pharmacist because a lot of pharmacists do not know what is allowed and what isn’t. Here are the two big ones you need to know of and keep in mind your state laws may supersede them.

    • A pharmacy may partially fill a schedule II prescription if they are unable to fill the full quantity. The remaining portion must be filled within 72 hours from the partial filling. If the remaining portion cannot be filled within 72 hours a new script must be sent in before the remaining portion may be filled. [21 CFR 1306.13(a)] A prescribing practitioner or patient may request a partial filling [21 CFR 1306.13(b)]

    • The transfer for initial dispensing of an electronic prescription for a controlled substance in Schedule II is permissible between retail pharmacies, upon request from the patient, on a one-time basis only. [21 CFR 1306.08(e)] (this means you do NOT have to call to your doctor to have them void your script and send in a new script to a different pharmacy however the script may only be transferred ONCE so you will have to ensure the receiving pharmacy has your medication or else you will have to either wait or get a new script sent in)

  • We are really going to have to wait for the FAA’s investigation because there’s still all sorts of questions about their acquisition process and where exactly was the certificate forged. The big question i have thought was when did spirit discover that the certificates were forged because they are claiming parts manufactured all the way back in 2019 were effected. I believe some suspicion on the side of spirit is warranted because this is the same company that is currently being investigated on claims that they were covering up safety issues. Not to speculate too much but I wouldn’t be surprised if spirit knew the titanium was fraudulent as early as 2019 and are only now doing something about it because they are being investigated for other issues and wanted to control the narrative.

  • The problem is it’s actually is sorta Boeing’s fuck up here. The questionable source titanium was caught at spirit aerospace who manufactures parts for Boeing and airbus. Spirit aerospace was originally a Boeing factory that was spun off into its own company in 2005 in one of Boeing idiodic stock pump schemes. Boeing on paper does not have control over spirit aerospace but all of spirit’s leadership came from Boeing with their CEO having worked for Boeing for 31 years. Boeing also has a lot of pull inside spirit being their largest customer by a significant margin. Boeing is currently in talks of buying back spirit aerospace to fix the mess they got themselves into.

  • wanted to implement something like that with my 1920R UPS for my rack but haven’t found the time to commit to antiquated hardware.

    Was enough of a hassle dealing with the expired SSL certs on the management card yet getting software running on one of my machines to communicate with the UPS.

    Honestly you should just bypass dells management software and use NUT. It supports your UPS’s management card if you enable SNMP or you can bypass it all together and just run off of the USB/serial.

    All things considered my two servers chilling chew around 60w on average, not taking into account my POE cameras or other devices. The UPS should run for over a day without getting close to draining its batteries (have a half populated ebm too).

    I’m pretty surprised I can run my whole network for an hour off of my 1500va UPS with three switches and a handful of POE devices. I’m still thinking about replacing it with a rack mount unit so i can lock it inside my rack as I’ve been having issues with unauthorized people messing with it.

  • if you look at the history of what happened to each Zeppelin airship you get a really good idea why it’s a bad idea.

    LZ1: damaged during initial flight, repaired and flown two more times before investors backed out causing the ship to be sold for scrap.

    LZ2: suffered double engine failure and crashed into a mountain. While anchored to the mountain awaiting repairs a storm destroyed it beyond repair.

    LZ3: built from salvaged parts of LZ2. Severally damaged in storm. After LZ4’s destruction LZ3 was repaired and was accepted by the German military who eventually scrapped it.

    LZ4: suffered from chronic engine failure. While repairing the engines a gust of wind blew the ship free of its mooring and struck a tree causing the ship to ignite and burn to the ground.

    LZ5: destroyed in a storm.

    LZ6: destroyed in its hanger by fire.

    LZ7: destroyed after crashing in a thunderstorm.

    LZ8: destroyed by wind.

    LZ9: this one actually worked and survived for three years before being decommissioned.

    LZ10: caught on fire and destroyed after a gust of wind blew its mooring line into itself.

    LZ11: destroyed while attempting to move the ship into it’s hanger

    LZ12 & LZ13: both flew successful careers before being decommissioned a few years later.

    LZ14: destroyed in a thunderstorm.

    LZ15: destroyed during an emergency landing.

    LZ16: was stolen by the French. ***

    LZ17: decommissioned after the war.

    LZ18: exploded during its test flight.

    LZ19: damaged beyond repair during an emergency landing.

    LZ129: the Hindenburg.

    LZ127: retired and scrapped after flying over a million miles.

    LZ130: flew 30 flights before being dismantled for parts to aid in the war effort

    The problem is with airships and aerostats in general is you need a massive balloon just to lift a small amount of weight but the larger you make it the more susceptible to weather it ends up being. With the amount of surface area a balloon that’s a 1km long has you would have to spend a considerable amount of energy just to stop it from blowing away in the wind, as inefficient as it is the truck may actually use less fuel because of this.