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  • There have been some signficant and I think legitimate concerns that if any one but Harris replaces Biden, African Americans, specificially African American women will see this her VP pick as having been purely performative, when its widely acknowledged that Africian American women, specifically, helped deliver Biden the white house.

    I think its a legitimate concern and I have no problem with Harris as candidate. Literally any one has a better shot than Joe Biden at this point. Editorially, I think a double woman progressive ticket could be the thing that gets the car back on the road, but I truly do not give a shit. I don’t care if its Andy Beshear. Anyone and everyone would be doing better than Joe Biden is currently.

  • [Hey look its the thing]

    Looks like your index finger might be having a little trouble actually clicking. Let me get that for you:

    Writing for the Guardian, 15 years ago, the cult expert Rick Ross warned us to “watch out for the tell-tale signs” of a cult, including “no tolerance for questions or critical inquiry”, “there is no legitimate reason to leave”, “former followers are always wrong in leaving, negative or even evil”, and “the group/ leader is always right”.

    Anyone who has observed the behaviour of the Democratic party base, especially online; of elected Democrats on Capitol Hill; and of the Democratic president himself, since the CNN debate on 28 June, will have spotted some of those “tell-tale signs”.

    Let’s start with the Democratic base – those “hyper-partisans” who “act like members of a cult because they treat their political party like a religious identity”, to quote the political strategist Chris Sosa. I have spent the past few weeks watching the Very Online members of the base embracing an endless stream of “Blue Anon” conspiracy theories, pushed on behalf of the Dear Leader.


    Key elements:

    “no tolerance for questions or critical inquiry”,

    “there is no legitimate reason to leave”,

    “former followers are always wrong in leaving, negative or even evil”,

    “the group/ leader is always right”.

    Here, this is for you.

  • sitting congressmembers publicly asking for the presumptive nominee and incumbent president to step down

    Not enough hyperbole dude. I don’t have time to do the research, but its not clear to me that a situation where the incumbent president and presumptive nominee is being asked to step down by effectively ALL of the rest of party leadership, with only the fringe block (progressives) maintaining support.

    I think i can recall a vaguely similar situation with maybe Grover Cleveland and the mugwumps? And iirc that was all about currency (gold vs silver vs fiat vs a historical aside: land based currency; worth reading on)…

  • idk if you’ve been following the Republican convention, but needless to say, they appear to be very…


    The democrats need a massive shot in the arm to even have a shot at this point, replacing Biden or naught. The assassination attempt provided a kind of rallying cry for MAGA/ Trumpers that polling won’t capture. Polling is good at capturing the distribution of demographics, but what it misses is how “activated” those demographics are. And boy-howdy, do Trumps key demographics seem activated. Possibly the most activated they’ve ever been, maybe even more-so than post 2020/J6.

    If things don’t change massively, and even then, its a super difficult path for Democrats to come back from the situation that Blue MAGA has set up.

    Maybe the AOC/ Bernie triangulation is setting up for throwing AOC onto the platform?

    Harris/ AOC and the entire platform is: Women liberty and freedom of choice is our focus. If you elect us, our entire focus will be a constitutional amendment supporting a woman’s right to choose. Harris can activate the African American community. Women & the African American community to get NC & GA (maybe?). Let Harris or AOC put out better rhetoric on Gaza and WI/ MI/ MN can be back in play?

    Like they’ve got to activate a/ any demographic and make this campaign about SOMETHING, because right now, it looks like the Democrats are stumbling into something similar to this: