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  • I can assure you there are many women out there who aren’t picking men just so they can brag about their interests. If your concern is trying to find a partner, making negative, sweeping generalizations about women isn’t going to work in your favour.

    I mean “interesting,” as in, have some depth, be passionate about things. I don’t think it matters if it’s sky diving or stamp collecting, just don’t make “getting girls” your thing. There are people, and for a time I was among them, who just do things because they think that’s what’s going to woo the ladies. But, how interesting is that?

    I’ll grant you that some interests may be more conducive to meeting potential partners, but surely there’s something you care about that has some aspect that can get you out of the house. I like computers and I also don’t care to leave the house. It turns out, I love computers enough that I will tolerate going to conferences and meetups. 🤷‍♂️

  • Do you like dogs (Or cats, I guess)? The animal rescue I volunteer with skews heavily towards women. Help some animals, make some friends.

    Of course, don’t just do it to meet women. If current me had some relationship advice for younger me, it would be to be patient and just make sure you’re out there doing things you actually like doing. And be interesting, which, comes from getting out into the world and doing things you like.

  • Well, I submitted a “support” request:

    For whatever it’s worth - I’m disappointed to see that XXX is pushing for its customers to download Chrome rather than ensure that their website supports proper web standards. A website that supports web standards will work well on all browsers and will save you from trying to pressure your customers into changing their preferred browser.

    Thank you for your time (and, this is my personal opinion, not the opinion of the organization I’m here supporting).


  • I really enjoyed reading this, thank you.

    I’d be interested in reading more about the benefits of using an atomic distro, if you were looking for ideas on things to write about. I imagine it must make system upgrades easier but what about replicating your setup elsewhere? Like if I was doing some development and now I need to throw some serious hardware at the problem, could I just backup all my Flatpaks some configs, and spin up my desktop on a cloud VM?

    I’m pretty sure that’s what Nix is all about, but the learning curve seems steep.

  • I’m not sure I experience exactly what you describe - I’d describe what I hear as a radio just barely audible in the background. I only experience it when I’m about to fall asleep or supposed to be getting up.

    Ten or so years ago after a really long day of school I flopped down in bed and noticed it and I made a conscious decision to listen rather than move. Ever since it happens a couple times a month now. I’ve never found it concerning and it’s maybe almost comforting, like, “oh, that thing is back.”

    It’s exactly like a soft radio where you’re only catching bits and pieces of what’s being said. Sometimes I recognize unusual words I heard from that day, the voices are distinct and can be female or male. I can’t decide if I can influence what’s being said or not. I do think the harder I pay attention the more coherent things start to sound.

    My feeling is that bits of what I’ve heard throughout the day, or maybe longer, are getting played back to me. But I’ve never recognized any of the voices of heard anything said that I could identify as verbatim from the day.

  • I really appreciate this, thank you. I think I had confused myself by playing with ‘u16’ and ‘u8’ and somehow coming to the conclusion that they were matching the right side of a 32-bit string. (Which may still be true, but, I’m just masking u32s now).

    This is what I ended up with, which is working the way I’d expect:

    tc filter add dev wlan0 protocol ip parent 1: prio 1 u32 \
    	match u32 0x30d6 0x0000ffff at -16 \
    	match u32 0xc92d1905 0xffffffff at -12 flowid 1:20

    This sends Ethernet frames destined for 30:d6:c9:2d:19:05 to flow 1:20, and it doesn’t seem to match a second device I tested. So, all good! Thank you again.