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  • A lot of the responses are offering an all or none response. The issue isn’t OP wants to block all memes posts, they just don’t want to see them as often.

    This is an algorithm/fedi issue I suspect. It would require curation.

    Since fedi isn’t really about that, the only option is to downvote.

    Downvote shitty memes.

  • I manage storage systems as part of my day job. i think you would be happy with a simple direct attached storage device. You’d need a storage controller card and a storage controller. These are usually enterprise-grade items so they might be expensive. I suspect there are SATA options but SATA is pretty slow.

    QNAP and Synology are decent for what they offer, if you like the idea if turning it on, setting up an account, and then having access to both native and an easy 3rd-party store with no fiddling needed then they are a good idea. You can also setup an iSCSI connection for direct-attached storage over the network.

  • For rather cheap I can see what traffic is suspicious. If you throw more resources at the problem and scale up it becomes simple to see traffic that looks like dns over https without having to decrypt it. Indicators such as size, frequency, consistent traffic going from your host to your DoH provider and then traffic going to other parts of the internet….these patterns become easy to establish. Once you have a good idea that a host on the internet is a DoH provider you can drop it into that category and block it.