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  • I used to run a small business, and we did a great number of things (relative to our business size and industry) in order to facilitate sales. Every touch point was designed to minimize the friction between the guest and them spending money. Both subtle things and obvious things.

    The marketing started as soon as one visited the website (tracking pixels and FB for re-marketing ads) or called for info (we would try to capture at least name and email for additional marketing—always with explicit permission: “May we have your email address so we can send you additional periodic information?”). We had phone call flows and maximum hold times (3 mins).

    We retained detailed guest notes and information which we would use to tailor their following visits (manually; any kind of automation was beyond our technical ability at the time).

    I’d have to spend some time thinking of all the other ways we did things. Most of which we implemented in a Disney Magic sort of way, in the sense that things are just sort of magically happening without the guest being concerned about it.

  • I do both, and it’s heavily dependent on what the purpose of the note is for.

    I keep a yellow legal pad and mechanical pen. Stuff that goes on the pad are usually the ultimate in throwaway notes. Scribbles that are wholly transitory.

    Then I have a digital note management system (Obsidian.md) and use it to maintain a personal journal and Zettelkasten.

    Some yellow pad notes might flow into Obsidian, but not always.

  • You may (or may not) be surprised to learn that modern jet liners have much higher glide ratios than small planes (like a Cessna 172), though even the glide ratio of a Cessna is pretty damn good at about 9:1, getting 9,000 feet horizontally for every 1,000 feet of altitude.

    All pilots are trained in engine-out procedures as part of their license training and, while unequivocally an emergency condition, is fairly benign until it’s time to land—preferably on a suitable landing surface.

    Face your fear and go on a discovery flight with a flight instructor at your local municipal airport.

  • I have run my own PiHole previously. Then I wanted Ad blocking on my phone, so I also setup OpenVPN that ran alongside my PiHole so I could get ad blocking anywhere. I travel often, and then we moved, so I never got it set up again, at the same time I discovered AdGuard could be configured on both home networks for network-level blocking, but they also have device profiles for iOS.

    I haven’t had to fuss with PiHole now in years.

    If you are happy to do the administration of a PiHole, and the scope it provides, it’s good. I didn’t want to have to fuss with it anymore.