I set up an *arr stack and made it work, and now I’m trying to make it safe - the objectivly correct order.

I installed uncomplicated firewall on the system to pretend to protect myself, and opened ports as and when I needed them.

So I’m in mind to fix my firewall rules and my question is this: Given there’s a more sensible ufw rule set what is it, I have looked online I couldn’t find any answers? Either “limit 8080”, “limit 9696”, “limit …” etc. or “open”. Or " allow" would I have to allow my docker’s subnet as well?

To head off any “why didn’t you <brilliant idea>?” it’s because I’m dumb. Cheers in advance.

  • danA
    5 months ago

    adding something like authelia.

    I used to use Authelia, but Authentik is nicer since it’s mostly configured through a web UI. It also supports SAML for services that don’t support OpenID Connect. It also has a proxy mode like Authelia, but that’s not recommended if the service has proper SSO support. There’s just a bit of an initial learning curve.