This is the update metalhead nerds have been waiting for.

  • @danA
    6 months ago

    I remember dealing with migrating from LILO to GRUB when I was in high school, maybe 2005ish? It’s been a while. I remember the migration from ipchains to iptables, too (which is happening again now with the iptables to nftables migration)

    I used Ubuntu at the time… It was a great distro back then. I only had dial-up so couldn’t download large files easily, and Canonical or one of their local partners would mail you a CD for free regardless of where you lived in the world. I think that helped a LOT of people get into Linux.

    • @d3Xt3r@lemmy.nzM
      56 months ago

      Similar experiences here. I remember waiting for the free CDs bundles with monthly magzines, and add then I’d the CD as a mirror in my repos to update my packages lol

        36 months ago

        Ubuntu was the distribution that had me switch from dual-booting with Windows as default to dual-booting with Linux as default.

        I also remember ordering an actual Ubuntu disc, with the extra donation to fund the mailing for free program.

        Now years later after lots of distro-hopping I just run Ubuntu LTS, and stay on the very boring LTS branch.