• @danA
    4 months ago

    Europeans definitely try to enforce rules like this worldwide, and AFAIK they’re mostly successful, at least in developed nations.

    I haven’t seen illegitimate Parmagiano Reggiano in the USA. They usually just refer to the US-made version as “parmesan”. I also live relatively close to Napa Valley and pretty much nobody here calls wine Champagne unless it’s actual Champagne, other than a few companies that still use that loophole I linked to.

    • @burningmatches@feddit.uk
      24 months ago

      True, you don’t see producers selling fake “parmigiano reggiano” in the US (why bother when most Americans only know it as parmesan anyway). But the EU couldn’t stop them. It’d more likely be a matter for US regulators if they consider it deceptive.